Hello. I am a lawyer.a researcher.a consultant.a designer.a hacker.an innovator.

I live in Vermont.

I write and design on topics related to infosec, privacy, and law.


Information Security

I am an information security Professional (with multiple certifications) committed to securing the rights and data of the 21st century human. I employ millions of dollars of software and hardware everyday to secure information, hunt threats, analyze risks, and push the boundaries of security.

Data Visualization

15+ years of multimedia design work (graphic, audio, video) and in-depth big data visualization experience = presenting complex data in interactive, innovative and useful ways. I like using Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop to present data and ideas in visual ways.

Information Privacy

Privacy and security are the foundations to a robust information system. Law, policy, software, and hardware: I take pride in blending the theoretical with the technical. I do my best to keep apprised of new developments, threats, and mitigation strategies in the privacy and infosec sectors.


I have a love/hate relationship with the law. This relationship brought me two law degrees, debt, and a deep knowledge of how the law works. My expertise is in international law, human rights law, environmental law, intellectual property law, privacy and cybersecurity law, and critical legal theory.